Author: Martin Beard

  • Christmas Orders 2019

    Christmas 2019 order form Please click on the link – if you want to place an order for picking up at the Arbroath Christmas Market 2019!

  • Rare Breeds showing resilience….

    The latest watchlist is out from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, showing a resilient picture which is great news. Click on the link below. The breeds we are or have been involved with are all on the list, mostly showing steady or positive positions which is fantastic. Portland Sheep, Oxford Sandy & Black and Large […]

  • The Belle of the ball

    The Belle of the ball

    Our first calf was born to Nidderdale Spotty, one of our three remaining heifers. Everyone told us that heifers having their first calf is always unpredictable, and they were right. It seemed to take ages, and we got more and more stressed, so eventually called the vet. SO Alistair our vet started off on his […]

  • Lambing!


    This years lambing has been a long drawn out affair. We added to our flock of Portland sheep in the summer, bringing in new ewes and a tup, “Colin” in whom we have a half share with Thornilee Rare Breeds down in the borders. ( So this year we had 8 ewes in total, of […]

  • New Piglets settling in

    New Piglets settling in

    Its been a busy few months at Parkhill, with pigs farrowing, sheep lambing and cows calving! Our latest litter of piglets have had a hard start to life. Their mother Apricot was one of our first sows, and unfortunately appears to have caught a virus after farrowing, leaving her 9 piglets behind at 3 weeks […]

  • Christmas Specials

    Christmas Specials

    This Christmas, we are looking forward to producing some typical Christmas fare – we have some Gammons ready, and we are producing some cocktail sausages and streaky bacon for those all important ‘Pigs in Blankets’ (we like ours with a dried apricot half put inside the blanket). We are also producing stuffings – we have […]

  • Mutton!


    Well, one of the stand out things from our Arbroath Market at the weekend was how much people like Mutton! It is very interesting to us as Rare Breed enthusiasts because many of the primitive types of sheep will never be big enough to serve as Lamb, needing the extra season or two to get […]

  • Arbroath Market Fair & Mutton!

    This weekend we will be at the first Arbroath Market Fair on the High Street pedestrianised area. The event is on Saturday 26th August, and we will be selling our ‘3 star’ sausages, Bacon, and Pork & Apple Burgers. Our stall will be at the road end of the precinct – and the Fair runs […]

  • Taste Angus

    Taste Angus

    After sleepless nights and lots of panicking, we finally made our ‘debut’ at a food market, and not just any one – oh no, we signed up for the “Taste Angus” Food and Drink Festival at the splendid Glamis Castle. Two days in a small space selling our Pork Sausages, Bacon and Eggs to the […]

  • Special Offer week

    SALE!!!!!!! The sun has gone in, the rain has arrived, so it must be time for an offer on our Barbecue Box!!! Its counter intuitive I know, but if we put an offer on, maybe the sun will come back! So for this week only, the Barbecue Box if only £15 instead of £25. We […]