• Thanks for visiting our site. We are not selling any products direct at the moment.
  • We still have two breeds of pig, both are on the watch list of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (www.rbst.org.uk) and are traditional breeds. The Large Black is the UK’s only all black pig, and the Oxford Sandy & Black is sometimes called the “plum pudding” pig for its distinctive colouring.
  • We continue to raise our livestock in a traditional, ethical way.
  • Our sheep are Portlands. They are a traditional lowland sheep, with tan faces and legs. We raise our lambs to hoggett i.e. over 1 year old.

You can find our produce at Macbeths Butchers – www.macbeths.com

We do sometimes have stock available of weaners or lambs. contact us on martin@parkhillhouse.com or mobile 07917105540.



Martin and Jackie Beard