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Updated March 2022

We have lots of Bacon in the freezer. Smoked and unsmoked back and streaky. We have lots of Pork sausages, chipolatas and cocktail.

We have jams and chutneys. We do not have any spare free range eggs as the Hens are moulting and are inside due to Avian Flu restrictions.

Any questions please call. 01241 879814



  • We sell pork products from our free range, rare breed, pedigree pigs. We believe that our Pork is as it should be; full of flavour and texture that will taste fantastic.
  • We only sell pork from our own livestock. We have two breeds of pig, both are on the watch list of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (www.rbst.org.uk) and are traditional breeds. The Large Black is the UK’s only all black pig, and the Oxford Sandy & Black is sometimes called the “plum pudding” pig for its distinctive colouring.
  • We raise our livestock in a traditional, ethical way. Our pigs are all free range and live in the woods where they are able to do what pigs do best – Dig!
  • Our pork is prepared by Artisan Butcher, Minick of St Andrews. We are involved in all parts of the chain to ensure our Pork is produced to the highest quality.
  • We deliver free to local buyers. 

Martin and Jackie Beard


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Rare Breed

Free Range


Don't just take our word for it!

The sausages were:

'the best ever'
'very meaty'
'very tasty, seasoning just right, are there any left?'



Yummy!.....Honey and Mustard sausages....in seventh heaven..


Everything is tasty so far


That's it, we are not going anywhere else for Pork.

Awesome, juicy, just melts, lovely dark tasty meat, best Pork I have had ever tasted.


The Shoulder was a superb hit. Just salt before cooking and absolutely no other flavours needed. I roasted it for 35mins per lb + 35 mins on 180. Superb dinner and gravy was great too. Really moist meat but not at all fatty!


"I eat a lot of sausages, and I can tell you that yours were the best I have ever tasted"



Burgers were Great! Held together well, bit of fat running but that was made more obvious because of pan frying


10🌟 bacon ...had sweet cured smokey back bacon ...yummmmm