What we do, and how we do it

We raise our livestock with care and attention. Our sows only go to the boar when they are ready, and once they have had a good break. The maximum we will allow for our girls is a total of three litters in any two year period, but if they are not ready, then we wait.

Our pigs will be taken to the abattoir when they are ready, rather than to any pre-determined schedule. They are driven there by us and we work really hard to ensure that their journey is as free of stress as it can be. The carcass is collected and transported to the butcher, and then once butchered it is delivered direct to us in temperature controlled transport ensuring the food chain is unbroken.

All of our butchery is carried out by “Minick of St. Andrews”. Stuart Minick is a long-standing supporter of native breeds and is an award winning artisan butcher.

We believe that our pork tastes best if you receive it fresh from us, but we do have to sell sell frozen to maintain supply at times when we do not have fresh available.

Our meat is vacuum packed by the butchers, with the exception of sausages which are wrapped to preserve their shape and texture.