Our poultry is the only area where we have not gone for pure breeds. For many years now we have sold, given away or eaten eggs from our own birds, and we have found that the modern hybrid is the best provider of a constant supply. We now deliver locally each week to a range of customers, all of whom love not only the flavour and colour of our eggs, but also the size!

So at the moment we have Black Rocks, Bluebells, Rhode Rocks, Copper Marans and White Leghorns, along with an Araucana Cockerel called Jock (of course!) ┬áJock came to us from friends in Perthshire and thinks he is in charge, but he isn’t really.

We have three paddocks, two in the woods and one in the field, and the hens roam around freely. Our original hens have become great escapees and are sometimes found wandering around the garden. We feed our birds via “Grandpa Feeders” which keeps other birds and vermin away.

We also have two Indian Runner Ducks and a Drake, who were supposed to be providing duck eggs for sale….