Well, one of the stand out things from our Arbroath Market at the weekend was how much people like Mutton! It is very interesting to us as Rare Breed enthusiasts because many of the primitive types of sheep will never be big enough to serve as Lamb, needing the extra season or two to get up to a decent weight.

We sent two of our Portland ewes away, one was 7 and the other was 3. The meat that they produced is really good, more dense than lamb, and with a rich taste and texture. We had joints, diced packs, steaks, chops and french trimmed racks, and we also produced two types of sausage – a Mutton Curry, and a Mutton Merguez which is a Moroccan inspired mix. Needless to say, both of these sold out!

So now we have a dilemma – we were planning on reducing down our small sheep flock, but clearly there is a market for Mutton that is not being satisfied so should we leap back in to the sheep market? Hmm – need to ponder that one.

But if you want to get any mutton, we have a small amount left, so please contact us asap! Joints are £9, racks and chump steaks are £6. Call us on 01241 874167.






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