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  • Bottle feeding….a piglet!

    Bottle feeding….a piglet!

    Meet crumble. He is 2 and a half weeks old. He was feeding along with the rest of the litter but we felt he was not doing very well, so we watched and worked out that he had managed to choose a teat that was no longer working, and so he was not getting any […]

  • Of Prep Rooms and Piglets

    Of Prep Rooms and Piglets

    The outbuildings attached to the house have seen many uses, from the initial stables and coach house, through to workshops, storage areas and in some cases living accommodation for casual land workers. Those days are long gone – the original coal house and woodshed now houses our biomass boiler, the coach house is now the […]

  • A Taste of Angus

    A Taste of Angus

    On the 26th March 2017, we will be joining with a host of other food related businesses in Angus for the Food Life Market & Moveable Feast at the Strathmore Hall in Forfar. The event is part of the Taste of Angus Festival, and is being co-ordinated by “The Food Life” – a group of […]

  • How we chose our Pigs!

    How we chose our Pigs!

    When we first looked at smallholding, we knew we wanted pigs. In fact, we were very specific – we wanted Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs. We first saw the breed twenty five years ago at the late and much lamented Royal Show at the Stoneleigh showground. For those who did not see it, the ‘Royal’ […]