Vote 2017!!!

just when you thought it was all over….

why not vote for your favourite sausage from our range?

Pork and Sweet Chilli – a cheeky bit of heat to offset the fine taste of our Parkhill Pork.

Pork, Black Pepper and Caramelised Onion – a savoury treat with a touch of sweetness in the finish

Pork, Apple and Stilton – the king of cheeses set against the tangy taste of Apple, overlaid on a bed of Parkhill Pork.

Hog Roast – a meal in one, the Hog Roast sausage melts together that smoky taste in one great package

Pork, Honey and Mustard – our highest rated sausage – combines the sweetness of honey and the spirit of mustard in a beautiful sausage.

Cumberland – a long time favourite with a peppery finish

or of course, you could go for our Best Pork?

Now the dust has (temporarily) settled, take the vote that really matters!! Which of our sausages do you want to lead the country???







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